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Beavis and Buttsex

...I'm worried that this post will cause me to loose every member and potential member this club's got, but...

Here's some Beavis and Butthead slash I've drawn. Because really people, I can't be the only one who's thought of it. They just seem...obvious to me. I seriously have a reasonably long list somewhere of all the gay things they've ever done. But I realize that this kind of thing can turn stomachs, so don't peak under the cut if mild slash makes you queasy. Also bare in mind, that this is only mild slash. Should be work safe ;)

Click the Cut for Something I Like to Call "Beavis and Buttsex":

^ First piece I've ever done with them! ...God, I'm messed up in the head. Lol!
^ Something cute and sweet and OOC with them...at least I didn't make them look like pretty bishonen...

^ "CUM to Butthead...." XD

^ My favorite one of the lot! I came up with this dialog exchange between the two, and drew this picture to go with it. Only problem is, I love the picture so much I'm afraid to potentially mess it up with my shoddy word bubbles. So here's what's going on, in a nutshell; Beavis wants TP for his bunghole, and Butthead just wants Beavis to take his shirt of the rest of the way. ;)
^ Morning wood...or something...

EDIT: LOL! I'm not the only one who's thought of them as gay before! Check these out, if you're so inclined:









Maybe I'm not as sick as I thought I was...or I am, but I'm not sick and original. XD


You know I like your art. I need to do another one of them.

The live action Beavis was shit, but the liveaction Butthead was spot on.

The last youtube link had me dying xD
Aw, shucks...thanks! <3

Oh, you really must! So I can fav it every-freakin'-where you post it. XD

Yeah, Beavis was bad...but I think Butthead more than makes up for it! The "come to Butthead" bit just had me in happy tears.

Lol! That one has me dying every time I watch it, especially at this part:
"We were doing this long before you showed up..."

Haha, you know they always loved each other. :)
And yet oddly enough, fanfics/fanart implying so are almost non-existent on this big ol' interwebs. :(