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Christmas Came Early!

Ho ho ho huh huh huh...!

Take a lookie at what I found on youtube! The Santa Butthead special! If you haven't seen it (or if it makes you go into hysterics every time you watch it like it does me) then check it out! It's probably one of my favorite B&B momments.

Also, I finally found some decent images of the two tardos! So here's a fresh batch of icons I made! Take 'em, edit 'em, credit 'em, do whatever you want with 'em as you please. Consider this an early Christmas present. ;)

Take a peek under the cut:



Damn! Good icons! I took a few!
Thanks a boodle! Means a lot to me ^^

I'll be sure to make more! So be on the look out ;)
Haha! Awesome! I took several.

Love the dryer icon..washin the dog, washin the dog! :)
Hey, thanks! <3

Oh God! The dinosaurs, the dinosaurs! Hahaha!
I knew you'd love them! <3

Personally, my favorites are the figure-skating one and the marriage one. But that's because I'm silly. XD
OMG! That-! Hdjoiahnfdljkghiopraleirtjalk!!!!!

I have saved that on my computer so I can marvel (INTENTIONAL PUN!) at it for ever!!! Seriously, that's beautiful. <3

New theory!

Beavis & Butthead + Dinosaurs = That entire decade.