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Stimpy's Butt Dance

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The Adventures of John and Mike

First of all, woohoo! New members! Thanks for joining guys <3

Second of all, you know that guy who created Ren and Stimpy? John Kri-whatever the hell his name is? Turns out he has a blog. Guess what else? He praised Mike Judge's since of humanity and humor on it!

Read for your self if you don't believe me:


...Then I found this:


So apparently, John and Mike are buds. Well that makes sense. Loads of it! Two controversial cartoonist from the 90's, who's characters live on as pop culture icons, paling around? Now there's a cartoon series waiting to happen!

The Adventures of John and Mike
.... I like that!



Cool blog, thanks for the link!
No problem! I thought it was quite kick-ass myself ;)